Monday, May 5, 2008

Week ending 5/11

Goal: 70 miles in 9 runs with a 3 mile tempo@5:30 pace and a 15 mile long run. Begin doing some strides and drills on my double runs.

Monday 9 down Shoal Creek with Owen. Tired from the last few days, but didn't feel too bad. Good to have him back running again.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Week Ending 5/3

Goal: 65 miles in 9 runs with 2 easy workouts, a race on Saturday and a 13 mile long run.

Monday 10 miles. Workout with Dave did 3X5 on 2 off on IF. Good workout, just the right effort. I'd estimate we were somewhere between 5:15 and 5:45. Felt a little loopy on the long warm down. I think I'm still getting used to working out and 10 miles is still a really long run for me at this point.

Tuesday 8 miles on the Greenbelt. Felt a bit better than I expected after the workout yesterday. Took it nice and slow.

Wednesday 10 miles. Did 20X200 in 34 with Dave running the rest to finish the 400. Felt a lot better than running 10X200 in 35 3 weeks ago. Not a really targeted workout, but just good to get my legs under me. Got a little tough by the end.

Thursday 7 miles around the house after work.

Friday 7 miles around after work. Felt like I was up late boozing the night before.

Saturday 10 miles ASH Dash 5k sponsored by my work. Fun race splitting roughly 5:30, 5:20, 5:00. There was a guy with me until just before 2 miles. I saw him measuring out the first 400 before the course, pretty bush league move. I'm not going to get beat by that type of guy. Nice effort, pretty tired from what looks like a big week (for me for now). Also won $60!

Sunday 13 slow with Dave on the Greenbelt. I'm feelilng the effects of my biggest week in about a year and a few bush league workouts and a race.

Week: 65 miles in 7 runs, I really wanted to double to make this easier, but I just didn't get to it. Feel like I ran a good hard week. Happy that I ran every day.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Week of 4/27

Goal: Rest week 40-45 miles with a slightly longer tempo and a 13 mile long run

Monday: Planned day off. Really needed this

Tuesday: 6 miles on the Greenbelt by myself. Hammered a little when I almost got in fight with a biker.

Wednesday: 9 miles with a 2.5 mile tempo on the track with Owen and Dave. Really hot and windy, couldn't have been much worse conditions. Legs still a little tired, but felt better. Ran 5:25, 5:26, 2:40. Tough conditions, but felt like I exerted the right amount of effort.

Thursday: 6 Miles very easy with Erine after work. Ran a mile barefoot on IF.

Friday: 6 miles with Owen in the morning. Feeling pretty good.

Saturday: 14 mile long run with Dave. A little cooler out today, felt pretty tired, but good by the end. Lifted afterwards.

Sunday: 4 mile easy run with Trent. Achillies really sore when I woke up, but didn't
bother me running.

Total: 45 miles, good long run, tempo and feeling rested

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Week Ending 4/20

Goal 60 miles with a 13 mile long run

Monday 7 miles on the greenbelt before playing volleyball with Luke and Barry. Plantar pretty sore.

Tuesday 9 mile mini workout with Dave. Ran up to lamar middle school and did 4X2X400 resting 1:15 and 2:30 jumping in the first and last 400 of Dave's 1200 intervals. Averaged 73 feeling better than I expected.

Wednesday 7 in the morning with owen. Ran out Bull Creek then around a field.

Thursday - 8 miles on the Greenbelt by myself after work.

Friday 9 miles with Owen with a mini tempo. Did 2 miles on the track in 10:55. I've been reading about tempos and I'm going to try to keep the same pace and just add a few minutes every week.

Saturday 7 with Owen in between events at the track meet. Pretty sore from a long night of volleyball. Right achilies pretty sore. Ready for an easy week next week.

Sunday - 13 by myself on shoal creek. It was pretty hot and I was a bit hungover, but still a total death march. I need some rest.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Week Ending 4/13

Goal: run everyday for 50-55 miles. Do a short 'workout' and an 11 mile long run.

Monday - 9 with Dave. Really struggled on this run. Hottest day in a long time.

Tuesday - 6 by myself around IF. Chris bought me chorizo tacos for breakfast. Didn't sit well.

Wednesday - 9 with Dave after work. Did mini workout 10X200 w/ 200 jog. Averaged about 35. Felt pretty hot and tough.

Thursday - 9 with Erine after work. Probably running about 8 minute pace. Good to get some distance at a very easy pace.

Friday - 4 with Owen after work on IF. Felt a little tired and still not quite comfortable running Owen and dave's pace.

Saturday - 7 with Dave up to a field and back through some neighborhoods. Didn't feel too bad.

Sunday - 11 by myself for a 'long run.' I also ran mile 10 under 6 minute pace (I think) but I didn't want to push it too much. In general, didn't feel too bad.

Week: Great success! Got the milage and the workout in and felt much better by the end. Unfortunately my right plantar is bothering me like it did before the marathon. Hopefully I can work through it. Other than that, I didn't get to the gym.

Week ending 4/6

Set a hard and fast goal of running every day this week.

Monday-7 with Owen and Dave. Hot out, they're running a little faster than I'm comfortable with right now.

Tuesday - 7 with Erine around Town Lake. Feeling a little better. lifted afterwards.

Wednesday - 6 by myself very late after getting back from Midland. Shouldn't have had 5 beers in the Dallas Airport.

Thursday - 6 after texas relays. Shouldn't have had a couple beers after work and before running.

Friday - 6 with Owen after work.

Saturday - 6 with Dave and Raul after texas relays.

Sunday - 6 by myself. Nice weather.

Week 45 miles. Really happy I managed to run every day. Feeling pretty worn down although a little more comfortable running.

Week ending 3/30

I've lost it, it is gone.

Monday - 8 miles after volleyball practice. Gave Owen my car and ran home. Felt like a real hard guy.

Tuesday - 7 nice and slow with Erine on the hilly loop near his house. Feeling sore. Not a great sign.

Wednesday - 6 run with Owen and Dave around home. Had to stick a fork in it early because I was so worn down. I'm surprised at how quickly I got out of shape.

Saturday - 5 miles around home. Planning on another run today, but got tied up at the Caccus.

Sunday - 5 miles, pretty hungover, didn't feel great.

Week 35 miles--glad I ran 5 times, but very surprised at how quickly I seem to have gotten out of shape. I guess I haven't really done anything consistant in a few months, but I figured I'd have more in the tank.

Let us never speak of this week (ending march 23)

Pretty exausted by SXSW, had Katy in town, no running. Yikes

Friday, March 14, 2008


Monday -8 miles- ran with Ian and Owen on the soggy IF field. Tired from the night before. I have a feeling this is going to be a steady trend this week.

Tuesday -8 miles- I can remember absolutely nothing about this run. I know it happened and I know ran 8 miles.

Thursday -8 miles- Took the day off work and ran a pretty banged up 8 miles with Owen in the morning. I can't believe I went out and did this run.

Friday -8 miles- on a ridiculously scorching morning. Owen Dave and I had a few good dips in the dog pond. It was hot enough that I was thinking about drinking the dog water. Ready for a planned day off tomorrow.

Sunday -8 or 9 miles- morning run with Owen and Erik. Good to run with Erik again. Headed out shoal creek 15th with a small detour. Felt OK considering all the shows this week. I'll be interested to see how I feel doing a few more miles but treating myself a little better next week.

Week: I let all the little things slide, but I still got in 40 miles. I think 40 miles is just enough to get me tired, but not enough to get me feeling good about myself. Throw that on top of a week seeing shows and keeping up with Katy and Ian and I'm not too surprised I feel a little run down.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Week of 3/9

Goal: 30 miles in 5 runs with 2 trips to the gym and some volleyball and basketball. Continue barefoot running and work in strides and drill at least 2 days.

Monday 3/3 -6 miles- on the greenbelt after work. Great to be back out here although I felt really slow and clumsy. Did drills and strides afterwards and felt the opposite of explosive.

Tuesday 3/4 off

Wednesday 3/5 -6 miles- in the morning with Owen. Pretty tired and beyond the early wake up. Legs felt better than Monday though.

Thursday 3/6 -15 miles- An Ian Marcus experience, and a bad one. Then I lost my keys and had to run all the way home. My "getting in shape slow and steady" plan kinda took a hit. From miles 5 to 7 were better than anything since the marathon. Rough run; the dead legs are back.

Sunday 3/9 -4 miles- around the intermural fields. Pretty sore from lifting and voleyball. Did strides, drills and some barefoot running.

week: 31 miles baby.